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JobTestPrep is all about preparing people for their future tests. Ever since 1992, thousands of job seekers and future students who have set themselves a goal achieved it successfully by using our professional practice tools. 

The JTP Advantage

Before JobTestPrep was established, there was a common misconception that psychometric tests cannot be prepared for. "Experts" such as recruiters and test administrators used to tell job candidates: "on the day of the test, just be yourself". Our research shows that this is bad advice - only 18% of candidates will succeed in their psychometric tests if they come unprepared. Our psychometric department motto is:
"To provide job seekers with a clear advantage on their psychometric tests when competing for a desired job."

We give our users:

  1. Updated test materials
  2. Truly useful solving tips and insights from psychometrics experts
  3. The LARGEST inventory of psychometric practice questions online
  4. Professional and comprehensive materials  
  5. Robust testing tools for the best user experience

Hiring psychologists, mathematicians, statisticians and other professionals in the field of psychometrics and education, JobTestPrep makes sure that customers get a top product, providing the best preparation for the real thing, through an interactive online experience.

We value our customer feedback and rely on you to make improvements to our services. We take all feedback into account and we adapt and develop our materials accordingly. Read more about how we manage our customers' complaints, what they say about us and how satisfied they are with our services.

In today's online world, more and more sites force you to connect with their social environments (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to enable engagement with their content and services. Here at JobTestPrep we simply left the social stuff out of the business. Knowing that the job seeking phase is not easy and that social activities can affect your candidate profile, we allow easy access to both our free and paid for services. Of course we do manage our own Facebook pages but let our users decide whether they wish to engage through these channels or not.

Knowing that admission tests are a barrier for ambitious students, we have founded the education department, which specializes in UK and US admissions tests. Starting with the UKCAT, on to the MCAT and LSAT, and now in the end of our flagship GMAT online preparation project, we deliver students with the best practice tools online.

With local branches in five countries, (UK, USA, Netherlands, Portugal and Spain) JobTestPrep reaches a diverse audience, with personal success stories from around the globe.

For pre-employment test preparation in the United States and Canada you can visit our sister website www.jobtestprep.comFor More Inquiries:

Company name and registration number: NOAM Institute LTD, 514288711
Phone number: (0044) 020 8133 3978 (Mon-Thurs, 8:30-15:30)
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