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ABLE Series Business Decision Analysis Skill Sets

Business Decision Analysis tests are designed to assess a number of different skill sets that are considered essential for a prospective graduate or manager. These include how well you manage to find patterns and structure in complex data presentations including graphs, tables and charts. They also include your ability to intuitively discover concepts and skills without being specifically taught them.

ABLE Series Business Decision Analysis Test Format

The Business Decision Analysis exercise presents you with an overview of concepts underlying business decisions, mainly in the field of product development, production and marketing. You will then have to use what you’ve learnt in making decisions in new similar situations.

The test comprises 48 questions and will include 12 separate information sheets as a central resource. You will be given 40 minutes to complete the examination exercises as well as 15 minutes beforehand in which you will be briefed on the details of the exercise whilst being walked through some example questions.


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ABLE Example

An example of how these questions might look is as follows:

You will be given a scenario of a product sale as well as information such as it’s target audience and other characteristics. You will also be given different categories of sales type such as “successful”, “medium”, “low” and “disaster”. Afterwards you will be presented with a new product and be asked to forecast the results based on your assessment of the sale type compared to your previous example.

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