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What's Included

  • 15 SHL-style verbal tests
  • 4 reading comprehension tests
  • 10 TFC tests
  • 12 vocabulary tests
  • 2 study guides
  • 2 video tutorials
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JobTestPrep has collected in one exclusive PrepPack™ various test simulations closely modelled on the original SHL Verbal tests. Our tests range from an entry-level to operational, managerial, and advanced levels usually offered to applicants vying for positions of managers and supervisors. With equal precision, they measure your general knowledge of grammar and more subtle analysis of complicated texts. No matter what level of the SHL Verbal test you need to take, you will find in our PrepPack™ the materials that will hone your language proficiency and improve your understanding of grammar rules together with words’ denotation and connotation. Detailed study guides and answer keys added to our tests will help you evaluate your progress and identify areas in which you should invest more effort to succeed on your pre-employment examination.

Make a Career at with the Help of Our SHL-Style Verbal Tests

JobTestPrep has a rich arsenal of tests at job seekers’ disposal. We have created several simulations of the SHL Verbal Reasoning tests most closely approximating the official exams. These tests are designed to improve your general language skills, including your knowledge of English grammar and spelling. They can also sharpen your analytical skills and fine-tune your interpretation of written passages. Our exclusive PrepPack™ comprises the SHL tests of entry, operational, managerial, and graduate levels, offering you a rear opportunity to choose an exam suited to your needs and goals. It also allows you to go through dry runs of all tests included in the package and thus bring your verbal reasoning to new, previously unreachable heights. Practice with JobTestPrep’s resources and rise above your competitors.

The SHL Verbal Reasoning Tests: Entry, Operational, Managerial, and Graduate Levels

Tests brought together in our PrepPack™ contain materials designed to prepare candidates to the SHL Verbal examination from an entry level of difficulty to an advanced one usually taken by graduate and senior managers.

Job applicants competing for positions requiring them to pass an entry and operational levels of the SHL Verbal Reasoning examination take one or several of the following tests, each of which measures their general language skills and understanding of written data:

The SHL-Style Following Instructions Test

This test asks job applicants to understand detailed written instructions and, in keeping with them, select a correct course of actions. Based on formulated rules, they need to find an appropriate response to certain situations. It is a speeded multiple-choice test, requiring job candidates to choose the right answer among several alternatives.

The SHL-Style Verbal Reasoning Test

This test measures job candidates’ ability to understand written texts. You will be presented with several short passages. Having read them carefully, you will need to answer questions about their content. It is advisable to scan given questions first so that you can focus on relevant information while reading. It is a multiple-choice speeded test.

Technical Understanding Test

This test evaluates how well job candidates understand texts communicating technical information. To pass this test, you need not only to understand technical terminology but also know basic operational principles behind technical concepts.

The SHL-Style Verbal Usage Test

This test estimates how well candidates know denotations and connotations of words. Their understanding of rules of English grammar and spelling is evaluated as well. On the test, applicants are presented with several sentences, each of which omits one or two words. Their task is to choose the right word that would fill the gap, according to the meaning of a sentence and keeping with the rules of grammar and spelling.

The SHL-Style Verbal Comprehension Test

This test is a measurement of job candidates’ understanding of written texts. They are expected to read several passages and answer questions about them, choosing the right variant among four or five alternatives.

Job seekers applying for executive positions at the level of Graduate and Senior managers are required to pass different types of the SHL Verbal Reasoning Test. Most of them are included in our comprehensive PrepPack™ and can be practiced in addition to the entry level tests. Applicants for managerial roles can find the following tests in this package.

The SHL-Style True/False Test

There are two types of this test. One is the Verify Verbal Reasoning Test that assesses how well job candidates draw appropriate critical conclusions from written data. After they have analyzed given information, job applicants are asked to judge the validity of statements made about it. They will need to evaluate whether statements about the passage they have just read are true or false. Sometimes, there will be not enough information to make such a decision. In this case, applicants are advised to choose a “cannot say” answer. This test contains 30 questions, which should be answered within 19 minutes.

Another test that also requires job candidates to evaluate the valence of statements made about a given text is the Verbal Critical Reasoning Test. This test also asks applicants to choose between “True,” “False,” or “Indeterminate” answers based on the information they encounter in the text. Its only difference from the Verify Verbal Reasoning test is that it has from 32 to 52 questions and is given a longer time limit. The Verbal Critical Reasoning test should be done within 18-25 minutes.

The SHL-Style Verbal Analysis Test

The verbal analysis test invites job applicants to understand and analyze written passages. Applicants’ comprehension of the written material is measured by their answers to questions posed at the end of each passage. 35 minutes are given to answer 35 questions.

The SHL-Style Verbal Application Test

This test assesses applicants’ verbal logic and language proficiency. Their task is to complete unfinished sentences in keeping with the rules of grammar. The test’s time is restricted to 20 minutes, during which applicants should complete 35 questions.

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