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Practise for the 2degrees Hiring Process

2degrees is a telecommunications provider operating in New Zealand to keep their customers connected. They pride themselves on recruiting passionate people who share their values and who will thrive in their fast-paced environment. 2degrees had over 1000 employees and offers a professional recruitment process to hire the most qualified candidates.

Steps found during the 2degrees recruitment process:

Application: When going through the application process, you can create an online profile, or apply through an employee referral or recruiter. Afterwards, your application will be reviewed before you can move forward.

Telephone Interview: The initial interview stage may entail getting a call from an HR recruiter. These screening conversations help the hiring team assess your skills and personality.

In-Person Interview: The first in-person interview may take place with a leader and talent manager. 2degrees interviews take place face-to-face and may entail a second stage in a team setting as well.

Assessment Centre: The 2degrees assessment centre interview process occurs over the course of one day and consists of several exercises, group activities, and case studies.

Tests: When taking psychometric entrance exams, you may be required to complete aptitude tests which are given based on the job position. Assessment tests are used as a means of evaluating your cognitive abilities.


The 2degrees Talent Q Test Preparation

The Korn Ferry Hay Group offers a Talent Q assessment, which is a malleable test. The Talent Q displays diverse levels of questions and the level of difficulty is selected depending on whether one’s answers are correct or not. Applicants are expected to perform well and prepare for these exams ahead of time. 2degrees’ Talent Q tests measure how well one performs in numerical, verbal, and logical reasoning assessments.

The Talent Q Aspects and Abilities tests are achieved online and involve verbal, numerical, and checking subjects. Talent Q Aspects covers a personality and competency-based questionnaire known as styles. One is presented with a sequence of statements, and are asked to rate how strongly each sentence portrays their personality traits. Furthermore, the Dimensions personality questionnaire pinpoints applicants’ various character qualities, such as their communication skills and how well they perform on tasks.

Start Preparing for the 2degrees Assessment Test Process with JobTestPrep.

2degrees Interview Questions

2degrees Interviews may be performed by a lone interviewer or a panel of judges. Preparing for these interviews requires a great deal of practise and worthy communication skills.

Interview questions which may come up are:

  • Tell me about a time your manager wasn’t satisfied with the results of your work. How did you discuss the issues and what did you do differently the next time?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What would you say or do to motivate your team during a challenging project?
  • Name two or three of your strengths and weaknesses.

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