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Royal Navy Psychometric Test 

Learn all you need to know about the Royal Navy's psychometric recruitment test, and ace your test results with Jobtestprep's professional practice tools.
Royal Navy Psychometric Test Practice

2 full length practice tests with explanations, tips, a score report and more!

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The Royal Navy psychometric test is the first and perhaps the most important part of the Navy's recruitment process, which also includes a fitness test, medical testing, and an interview.

Your test performance would have a great impact on the types of jobs you would be offered; the higher your scores, the better your chances of getting the job you want, or having a large variety of options to choose from. For this reason we have gathered important information about the test together with solutions for increasing your performance.

Recruitment Test format

The Royal Navy psychometric test consists of four different sub-tests containing a total of 120 multiple choice questions:

  • Reasoning – 30 questions, 9 minutes
  • Verbal ability  30 questions, 9 minutes
  • Numeracy – 30 questions, 16 minutes
  • Mechanical reasoning – 30 questions, 10 minutes

The test is designed to assess a wide variety of skills and fields of knowledge which help the army's recruiters to spot the right candidates for the right jobs.

Practice the RT test under real time frames

Jobtestprep provides you with two full length practice RT tests, with which you get:

  1. A challenging practice session  knowing that the real test might include more difficult questions than those offered on the royal navy site, our goal is to make sure you will not be surprised by the difficulty of the test. 
  2. A timed practice  our smart online testing system allows you to practice within real time frames, allowing you to simulate the real test, and generates a score report that points out your weaknesses and strengths. 
  3. Detailed explanations  after sitting the timed test, you can use the "step by step" mode to have a complete review of the test and read detailed explanations for each question. 
  4. Help and solving tips  if you are having difficulties in some of the sub-tests, or you have forgotten some basic math rules, we provide you with solving tips and a comprehensive review of core subjects.

Admiralty Interview Board

If you have passed the RT test and you are applying to the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Royal Naval Reserve, Royal Marines Reserve or the Royal Fleet Auxiliary you will be invited to take part in the AIB, the Admiralty Interview Board. This is a three day event held on site at one of the Naval bases and in it you will go through many activities, tests and challenges. Find out more on our dedicated AIB page here.

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