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PWC Assessment, Graduate Scheme Preparation Online TestsIf you have made it to the PwC assessment centre, well done! More than 60% of applicants don’t make it this far so this should fill you with confidence than a good performance today will almost guarantee you the job.

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There are a number of different activities that you will face during the PwC assessment day and we will go through them all below. They are:

Please bear in mind than not every test and assessment mentioned below is given to every stream of application. The below assessments are not necessarily administered in the order below. 

PwC Psychometric Tests

You will be given the same aptitude tests that you have already taken online. These will be given to you on paper and they are often more difficult and longer than their online counterparts. These are often performed without the use of a calculator however on some occasions you are allowed to bring your own. Due to this possibility, it is always worthwhile to bring your calculator with you to the assessment centre.

PwC Written Exercise

In the PwC assessment centre written exercise you will be given a brief that is dependent on the stream that you have applied for. You have 30 minutes to carefully read through the material and write a report on it. For this report you have to ensure that it is clear and concise. You should use proper structure with an introduction, main argument, and a conclusion. Jotting down a plan is very worthwhile as you can simply refer to it and go through what you need to write with this plan. This in fact saves you time. Bear in mind as well that you will be penalised if your spelling and grammar isn't correct so make sure to leave a few minutes at the end to check over your work ensuring that there are no silly, avoidable mistakes. Find out more here.

Our customers' comments on this product:

UKCAT Product Score with JobTestPrep“ Although I did not manage to pass the PwC assessment day, I can say that your written exercise is similar to the one I had. The feedback I received from you definitely helped me understand what it's all about. „

PwC 2014 Graduate Audit, November 2013

PwC Case Study Interview and Presentation

If you are applying to the Consulting strategy or Economics stream you will have to complete the PwC case study. You will be given a brief relating to the field of choice and you will have analyse the content and prepare a presentation that will be presented to two assessors at the PwC assessment centre. For example, you may need to make business and financial recommendations on behalf of a record company. This presentation will last for 10 minutes and will be followed by a further 10 minutes of questioning. Remember that when answering the questions the assessors are looking to see if you have the key competencies of the company. For example, you need to show that you are open minded, practical, and adaptable as well as showing courage and integrity.

Learn more about the Case Study and Presentation exercises at the the Assessment Centre>>

PwC Group Exercise

In the PwC group exercise the candidates will be split into two groups of between 4 and 6. There are variants to this exercise but in general everyone will be given a brief, sometimes each person will receive a unique brief. You will then be given 20 minutes to read through it and make notes. These briefs are most commonly about a fictitious company who are going through some financial update or move. There are some calculations that need to be made and you will be given a calculator for them. Make sure that your percentage work is strong because this will play a part in the discussion.

You will then have 30 minutes to discuss with the rest of the group your recommendations for the company and the way forward. When participating in the group exercise it is important to bear in mind that although content is important, your interaction with the rest of the group is even more so. Here are some things to bear in mind when going through this exercise:

  • Participation. If your assessors can’t hear you then they can't assess you. You have to make sure your opinion is heard.
  • You have to present original ideas.
  • Don’t be overbearing and cut people out of the conversation.
  • Do not speak derogatorily about an idea for someone else. Don't say, “This is irrelevant.”
  • Show that you are open minded and accept other people’s opinions gracefully.

For more information and extra tips check out our group exercise blog.

PwC Interview

This interview is similar to the one you already had in the PwC telephone interview but is with a partner or manager. Bear in mind that for some programs this final interview will take place at a separate time and possibly venue as well. However, the same tips apply for both situations. The competencies that you will be tested on in this interview are:

  • The ability to communicate with impact and empathy.
  • Curiosity: show that you love to learn, share and innovate.
  • Be passionate about client service.
  • The ability to build and sustain relationships.
  • The ability to develop yourself and others through coaching.

Make sure you have examples of each of these competencies in the STAR format to ensure that you are fully prepared. Find out how we can help you here

We hope you have found this guide helpful and wish you every success with your application. Good luck!

Insider Information

Below is a testimonial of a JTP client who went to the Assessment Centre at PwC and was kind enough to write a little bit about their experience.

"The My PwC assessment centre consists of a written exercise, a group discussion, psychometric testing, and a partner interview.

We arrived at 8:45 and received a name tag with our group ID. We were all in one room together and were told that the day would consist of numerical reasoning and logical reasoning tests, a written exercise, and a group assessment.

My group did the report writing exercise first. They gave us an informational packet with everything we would need to create a report. The report was about environmental concerns having to do with businesses saving water. The packet was comprised of many scenarios having to do with water conservation strategies and we had to write a report in 30 minutes. Although I got mine done in time it was very rushed; time constraints made it hard to finish on time but also added a certain amount of anxiety which added to the difficulty of writing the actual report. Word to the wise; look up the report format before going to the AC! Knowing the general structure of a report will help a lot.

As soon as the 30 minutes were up for the report we were given our numerical reasoning tests without no break allotted in between. We had 20 minutes to answer 20 numerical reasoning questions. The test was really hard. I had done some practice numerical reasoning tests though and that helped me a lot, calming my nerves knowing what I was doing. The test was pretty similar to those that I had practised online. When I saw I only had four minutes left I just guessed the answers to all of the questions I didn’t have time to answer; it was about four or five questions. There is no negative marking on the test grading so it was worth it to fill out an answer even if I wasn’t sure of it. The time constraint was pretty tough but I felt pretty confident in the answers I did have time to answer.

Following the numerical reasoning test we were handed the logical reasoning test, again without a break in between. It was somewhat of an intellectual marathon and I was really happy I had eaten a big breakfast that day. The logical reasoning test was 20 minutes long and the test had 40 questions on it. Again I was running out of time but I just filled in any answer I could to those questions that I didn’t have time for. It is always worth guessing because there are no negative repercussions for wrong answers. After the logical reasoning test we had a break, finally. We were able to grab a coffee or a tea and use the restrooms if needed. I thought it would be a good idea to start socializing a little with the people before we had to work together in the group exercise. It also helped to ease my nerves to talk to other people there.

After the break we had group exercise. I was assigned a group with three other people. We all sat around a table and the assessors sat around the edge of the room. It might sound a little intimidating but it really wasn’t. Everyone was given a booklet that had information about the task at hand and then each person had a unique argument that they had to present in group discussion. There were also a few simple calculations to be done in the test booklet but they were minor and should not worry you. We had 20 minutes to read through the packet and prepare. Then, as a group, we had 30 minutes to dicussdiscuss the topic and present our individual arguments. In my group we were all pretty active with no one who was particularly dominant and no one who was particularly quiet so we were all able to share our arguments. After we had each presented our arguments we began a discussion that was directed towards meeting the assigned objectives. In the middle of the group exercise one of the assessors came over and gave us an "urgent email" to incorporate into the discussion. In our case it was an email notification of budget cuts. We just had to work around the new information and try not to let it throw us off too much while still incorporating it into the discussing and proposal.

All in all it was not at as intimidating as I thought it would be. Maybe it was because I knew we were all there for the same reason and we're all going through the same things pretty much. I definitely recommend preparing for the psychometric tests and researching report format before going because it will help a lot and save you time. Also, it will just make you feel more confident and that helps a lot in all of the activities. Good Luck!"

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