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What Is A Psychometric Test?

Psychometric tests include a wide array of evaluation tools that measure one's knowledge, abilities and personality. They are frequently used for job selection processes in the UK across industries and for a multitude of positions.
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Psychometric testing batteries can be either fully administered in assessment centres, or initiated online as part of the initial application process, leaving the assessment centre as the final screening step. In general, all psychometric tests include two sections:

  • An ability testing unit which includes a range of psychometric aptitude tests – verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, abstract reasoning, and other non verbal reasoning tests – some of which are already performed online without actual attendance at an assessment centre.

  • A behavioural psychological section which includes competency based interviews, personality questionnaires, and assessment centre exercises such as group exercises, role play exercises, situational judgment tests, In and E tray tests, written exercises, case studies and more.

Psychometric tests and the application process

Most job applicants go through a similar application process as described below:

  1. Online application: Includes entering personal details and skills, uploading a CV, answering competency based questions and taking an online aptitude test.
  2. Interview: Usually a phone interview, but could also take place at the company's offices. 
  3. A second interview or an invitation to take additional aptitude tests.
  4. An assessment day that includes group activities, e tray tests, situational judgment tests, role-playing scenarios, partner interviews and more.

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