Psychometric Test Preparation

Practice P&G Style Reasoning Questions

Prepare for P&G's assessment process. Refresh your reasoning skills and perform better under time pressure. 

What do you get?
  • Hundreds of practice questions
  • Numerical reasoning; word problems, data interpreptation
  • Verbal porblems; reading comprehension, critical reasoning
  • Logical reasoning; abstract, inductive, matrices
  • Immediate online access 
  • Secured payment

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The JTP Advantage

We value our customer feedback and rely on you to make improvements to our tests. We take all feedback into account and we adapt and develop our materials accordingly. Read more about it here >>

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"Failed first time round, signed up to JobTestPrep and passed second time"
Sales Team Manager, July 2012
"The tests really helped me understand the structure and how to cope with the pressure of being timed"
Deloitte Graduate Scheme, January 2012
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