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Network Rail Application Process - Online Form

The application form is the first step of the Network Rail process; it's very important to make a good impression right from the outset. You're first asked to provide some basic details about yourself, your work experience, and your academic history. You can also upload a copy of your CV with a cover letter.

After submitting your application, you're asked to take a situational judgment test, and then the online aptitude tests as well.

Network Rail Key Values

When answering the skills-based questions, it's important to incorporate the key values of Network Rail.

By demonstrating that you possess these skills, you display to assessors that you're truly motivated to be part of the company. This will make them take notice of you. The network has four key values: Determination, Pride, Respect, and Teamwork.

Network Rail Situational Judgement Test

The Network Rail situational judgment test (SJT) has 13 questions. For each of these questions, you're provided with a work-related scenario and then given four different response options.

You must rate each response 1-4, with 4 being how you're most likely to respond and 1 being how least likely you're to respond.

Network Rail Online Aptitude Tests

There are three possible tests you may encounter during your application to Network Rail.

⦿ SHL Numerical Reasoning Test, 
⦿ SHL Verbal Reasoning Test
⦿ SHL Inductive Reasoning Test.

Whilst the Network Rail SHL numerical and verbal reasoning test is administered to all applicants, only those applying for an engineering programme take inductive reasoning tests instead.

The tests are sequential, meaning that you're only sent the second test if you pass the first.

It's imperative that you prepare fully for these tests as they are the key to your success in the application process.

Here is a simple video that explains everything you need to know about SHL Tests:

Play Video preview image
Video preview image

Network Rail SHL Numerical Reasoning Test

The numerical test assesses your ability to work with tables, graphs, percentages, and ratios.

After careful analysis, you must answer the multiple-choice questions within the time limit. There are 20 questions to answer within the 20-minute time limit.

Your score on the numerical test is measured against your application. Assessors then decide whether or not to proceed with your application.

Numerical Sample Question:

Gaming Industry Total Income in 2012, US: $31.2 billion

Network Rail Numerical Sample Question

What was the total income of the Social Networks’ platform in 2011?

A. $2.446 billion
B. $303 million
C. $3.03 billion
D. $244 million
E. $1.41 billion
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The total income of the social networks platform in 2012 was $31.2 billion X 0.14 = $4.368 billion.

The change of social networks income from 2011 was +44%.

Therefore: 4.368 / 1.44 = $3.03 billion.

Being well prepared for this test helps ensure you proceed to the next stage. Practise numerical tests with this product.

Network Rail SHL Verbal Reasoning Test

You are presented with a paragraph often packed with a range of facts. For each paragraph, you have to answer up to four different questions relating to the text.

The test contains 30 questions to be answered in 15 minutes. Not only is the content often terse, but the time limit is very constricting as well.

For this reason, it's highly recommended that you use verbal reasoning practice tests in order to understand the structure of the test and learn how to answer the questions quickly. Do it now with this PrepPack™.

Network Rail SHL Inductive Reasoning Test

Those applying for the Network Rail graduate scheme engineering tracks are asked to complete an inductive reasoning test.

On this test you're presented with matrices, each missing one object. It's your job to work out the missing shape from a list of five options.

Inductive Reasoning Sample Question:

The drawings in the box go together in a certain way. Choose the drawing that goes in the missing box.

Korn Ferry Assessment Practice


Drawing A
Drawing B
Drawing C
Drawing D
Drawing E
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

Identify the image which completes the pattern by examining how the series of shapes change across the rows and down the columns within the matrix.

The direction in which you examine the question should depend on where you can most easily visualize the relationship.

Across the rows, all of the triangles remain in the same position:
The first row contains a triangle with a right angle at the bottom-left corner.
The second row contains a triangle with a right angle at the top-left corner.
The third row contains a triangle with a right angle at the top-right corner.
Down the columns, the background color and shape color remain the same:
The first column contains blue shapes in a yellow background.
The second column contains white shapes in a blue background.
The third column contains blue shapes in a white background.

Since the empty square is located in the bottom row in the third column, we can assume that the figure will be a blue triangle in a white background. The right angle will be located in the top-right corner of the square. Answer choice D is the correct answer.


These questions can be challenging, but practice can help ensure your success. Use the inductive reasoning tests in this PrepPack™ to prepare.

This PrepPack™ offers preparation, guides, and tutorials for everything you need:  SHL tests, personality, and situational judgment tests, assessment centre and the interview.

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Network Rail Video Interview

Following a successful testing stage, you're invited to a Network Rail video interview.

The interview is pre-recorded, meaning that Network Rail sends you a link to where you can record yourself answering questions that are displayed on the screen.

You have seven days to complete the recording. However, you only have one chance to do it, so make it count.

This is a 20-minute interview consisting of six questions. The questions focus on competencies and your CV, so make sure to have a copy of it handy.

It’s a good idea before the interview to review the Network Rail key values and try to apply them to some real-life examples.

Some popular Network Rail video interview questions include:

  • Why do you want to work for Network Rail?
  • What are Network Rail’s future challenges?
  • Tell me about a time you had to analyse more than one problem at a time.
  • How do your values fit in with the values at Network Rail?
  • Tell me about a time you had to convince someone of an idea you had. 

A useful tool for structuring your answers is the STAR method. Try the interview practice package to help prepare you for your video interview. 

If your Network Rail interview is successful, you will be invited to the Network Rail assessment centre.

The assessment centre consists of scenario exercises, group activities, a presentation and, of course, a more formal interview.

Of course, our preparation includes this part as well. Get it now.

Network Rail

Network Rail runs, maintains, and develops Britain’s rail tracks—including the maintenance of the nation's many signals, bridges, tunnels, level crossings, and viaducts—as well as keeps 17 key stations up to date with the latest technology and services.

The Network Rail graduate recruitment scheme receives about 900 applicants each year, with positions for 135 candidates in the various Network Rail departments.

Even if you aren't interested in a career in engineering, there are many options at Network Rail for you. As you can imagine, there is a great deal of competition for these spots, so only the best will make it through the Network Rail recruitment process. 

If you're interested in applying to Network Rail for a signaller or a timetable planner position - This is certainly the perfect preparation pack for you!


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