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The recruitment process to the Irish army consists of three steps. The completion of an application following which, if meeting the minimum requirements, the candidate is asked to sit a psychometric test, which is where we come in.

Irish army aptitude tests contain three kinds of tests, one of each of the following:

  • Verbal reasoning  Used to assess candidates' ability to comprehend, analyse, and interpret written text, usually in true/false/cannot say formats

  • Numerical reasoning  These tests are usually used to assess the test taker’s ability to make decisions and inferences based on numerical data.

  • Diagrammatic reasoning tests  Examines the ability to solve problems in three areas; Diagrammatic series, diagrammatic thinking, and diagrammatic reasoning.

  • Mechanical Comprehension  The Irish air force run an extra psychology test to test the psychological state of mind of cadets of officers they recruit and the apprenticeship applicants are put forward for an additional psychometric test. This examines the understanding of physics relating to mechanical concepts such as forces, motion and energy

As in all aptitude tests, practice is of the essence.

Cadetship recruitments “Officers” are all followed by a job simulation test and require higher scores in the psychometric tests. Practice practice and practice more.

The Irish army personality test is actually the SHL OPQ 32 test. This personality test examines a large number of qualities, enabling the Irish army to objectively assess the candidate's personality and better suit him to a position.

Irish Army - Interview

The Irish army final interview is led by a panel of civilian and army members. During the interview, you will be asked to provide examples of different incidents demonstrating competency. For example, tell about a time when you were asked to organize a project of some sort.

It is recommended that you read the areas of competency on the Irish army website as they vary from the Army Cadet, the Naval Service Cadet and the Air Corps.

The cadetship recruitment process is rather similar for Army, Naval, and Air Crop services. Please note that there are a few additional psychometric tests for which Air Crop cadetship candidates have to sit. This page is of specific interest to Army and Naval cadetship candidates for the Irish army.

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