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What is an In-Tray Exercise?

An In-Tray test is used by assessors to evaluate additional skills which cannot be measured through ordinary aptitude tests. Its main objective is to assess managerial abilities, prioritisation, problem solving, and time management.

Candidates are asked to respond to questions and prioritise data under specific time constraints and consequently make rationalised decisions. The In-Tray exercise is very often administered at the assessment centre, and is generally administered on a computer.

In-Tray versus E-Tray exercises

Nowadays, you will probably be asked to take an E-Tray exercise, where most of the information and questions are provided online. In the case of an In-Tray Exercise, you will be provided with a hard copy of the materials so you will have the physical documents in front of you. In addition, you will have to write the ways in which you handle each document and rank each one by relative urgency. The significant difference in this case is that with an E-Tray exercise you have to select the most appropriate manner for dealing with the document from a list of optional answers (multiple choice) rather than suggesting a hand-written solution.

With an In-Tray Exercise you are likely to face an assessor that will inspect your behavior and reactions during the test, while the E-Tray Exercise is sat individually in front of a computer.

Practice these tests with JobTestPrep

JobTestPrep offers an interactive, online preparation package, allowing you to actively experience In-Tray exercises, backed by theoretical reading material to offer you a comprehensive and complete preparation.

JobTestPrep is committed to keeping up with the latest trends in aptitude testing, updating its practice tests and theoretical materials frequently. Therefore, we have recently added a brand NEW online In-Tray Exercise and an UPDATED guide to this practice pack including detailed explanations to each question, a suggested prioritisation of tasks and work calendar.
Learn more about our online In-Tray practice pack.

e-tray/in-tray exercise

What to expect? 

In-tray and e-tray exercises simulate real-life workplace situations. Usually, a scenario portrays a company profile and the position you hold within that company. You might be told that you have just returned to office after a week's absence and must go through e-mails and memos, answer phone calls and complete multiple tasks.

Your position is almost always managerial in nature, e.g. a marketing manager, senior line manager, and in some instances, it could include much higher rankings such as vice president and CEO. You will be provided with the company's business profile and an organisational chart. A series of documents, newspaper articles and research abstracts might provide additional information about the company and your areas of responsibility. Documents such as memos, e-mails, faxes and minutes from previous meetings will require you to answer questions according to the information provided. You might be asked to give a priority ranking to each of the documents and suggest the proper way to handle each one.

Some of these exercises involve a case study analysis and a written exercise. This means you will have to analyse data that was gathered for you, extract important data and deduce accordingly. This may also require you to write a formal letter with your insights and recommendations regarding the issue.

What skills are measured?

The exercise measures a multitude of skills:

  • General intelligence and mental abilities.
  • Managerial skills: authority delegation, prioritisation, taking responsibility, decision making, distinguishing between important and unimportant tasks, etc.
  • Time management and efficiency.
  • Interpersonal relations.
  • Understanding of organisational culture and structure.

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