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Are you expecting to take an Inductive Reasoning Test as part of your job application process? These tests are often seen in the recruitment process of many different types of jobs; from secretaries to top-tier managers. In this article we will provide a basic outline of this test as well as provide you with some tips to help you perform to your best.
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Inductive reasoning tests are popular screening tests used by employers as part of the assessment process and are used to provide the employer with valuable information on the way you think and react to new rules and situations. The word inductive implies that the objective is to assess your ability in identifying a pattern or consistency among sets of objects or verbal data and then predict how the next expected object should appear in these sets.

The most common inductive reasoning tests present matrices that include shapes, illustrations, or sets of words. An inductive reasoning test actually overlaps with abstract reasoning tests, both of which have their origins in Raven's matrices. In general, assessment companies use many terms (abstract, inductive, diagrammatic) to describe similar tests. 

Inductive Reasoning Examples

Here is an example for an inductive reasoning matrix, often found pre-employment selection tests.

Inductive/Diagrammatic Reasoning Test Example

Every major test provider, including SHL, Kenexa, Saville, Talent Q, Cubiks, Cut-e, Onetest, as well as others provide these tests to employers. Even though there are many different suppliers of these tests, they are all based on the same underlying principles. To find out how you can answer this question as well as gain access to many different tests with full explanations, check out the JobTestPrep Online Inductive Reasoning Practice Pack.

What’s being measured?

There are two main mental aspects that you will be being assessed on during these tests. The first area that you being assessed on is that of GMA, General Mental Ability. In simple terms, this means that even though it may seem as though the questions in this test have no relevance to the job you have applied for, they are a good predicator of success. This is because if you show a high level of skill in this test, you will be able to show a very similar level across a wide range of different activities you will face in the workplace. This is an important consideration when hiring new staff.

The second aspect of this assessment is that they are seen as the perfect test as the results is not influenced by cultural or linguistic differences. For this reason, inductive reasoning tests are viewed as a more impartial measure of ability, hence their popularity among employers.

Why practise?

There are two main reasons why it is imperative to practise these tests before you actually come to take them as part of your job application. The first reason is that in order to succeed in these tests you have to have an understanding of the principles behind the questions. Without this, it is virtually impossible to produce your required result. Secondly, in the inductive reasoning tests (as with almost all other psychometric tests) you will be subjected to completing them under often severe time constraints. Without practising working under these pressures, it is impossible to enter the actual tests knowing what to expect thus leading to a decreased chance of success.

Moreover, there are a number of other benefits that will gain by practising for these tests. They include:

  • A reduction in anxiety levels
  • Score improvement through practise
  • An improvement in response times
  • Increased confidence
  • Knowing where you are going wrong

Taking Inductive Reasoning Practice Tests

Taking practice tests gives you exposure to important logic patterns that lay the foundations for inductive reasoning. Moreover, taking these inductive reasoning practice tests gives you a familiarisation with recurring principles and methods enabling you to recognise them quickly thus giving you the best opportunity to answer every single question within the time frame.

JobTestPrep offers an extensive practice package for inductive reasoning and abstract reasoning tests, with over 600 questions. If you are preparing for your assessment day or any other selection tests at leading enterprises and employers this practice pack can increase your qualification chances. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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