Learn About the Aspiring Minds Tests [UPDATED]

To date, Aspiring Minds’ assessment materials have been used by over 3,000 companies, including over 100 found on the Fortune-500 list, such as Amazon, Verizon, and Deloitte, evaluating over 5 million candidates worldwide in a variety of industries. From IT software, Banking, Retail, Hospitality, Education, Automotive, and more, you are sure to come across an Aspiring Minds-powered hiring process, even if you haven’t already.

Let’s take a look at what Aspiring Minds has to offer:


The AMCAT is a computer adaptive test which measures job applicants on critical areas like communication skills, logical reasoning, quantitative skills and job specific domain skills. The AMCAT scores help recruiters identify the suitability of a candidate for a specific role.

While most aptitude tests only measure a test taker's verbal comprehension and reasoning abilities, the AMCAT additionally evaluates personality traits and domain skills. Therefore, it's an ideal test to match jobs to candidates.

English Proficiency Test

This test uses three methods to uncover how proficient you are in the English language: Please note that the test can be taken for a variety of English variations, including US, UK, OZ, Filipino, and Indian English.

AMCAT English – Presenting 18 questions in 18 minutes, this test challenges you to properly understand and communicate via written text along with spoken word. Vocabulary questions focus on synonyms, antonyms, and contextual vocabulary, while grammar inquires focus on sentence construction and error identification.

SVAR -This technology is used to measure your use of vocabulary and grammar, as well as the ability to comprehend speech and pronunciation.

WriteX – This advanced technology will check your written English in essay and email form through grammar and typographical errors, content quality, and structure, among other metrics. 

Cognitive Ability Test

This test is broken down into four distinct segments:

Logical Ability – This segment measures your ability to look at data, text, or symbols and draw either conclusions or inferences from them.

Information Gathering and Synthesis – In this section, you will be tasked with looking at a table and chart, collect relevant information, and find the guiding principle upon which to make a decision.

Critical Reasoning – In this area of the exam, you will need to identify assumptions, prove you understand the difference between correlation and causality, objective and subjective info, along with syllogistic reasoning, and more.

Quantitative Ability – This section is based in mathematical operations, including ratios, proportions, simple interest, and discounts. The test also has an advanced version, which includes logarithms, probability, and permutation-combination.

Personality Test

The personality test focuses on the five dominant personality traits that divide good employees from the best. Of course, different positions demand different characteristics.

Extraversion – This test uncovers how social, talkative, and assertive you are.  

Conscientiousness – Are you organized? Can you plan your tasks? Can you be trusted? Well, here you will find out!

Emotional Stability – This section will focus on measuring if you are calm and have physiological composure.

Openness to Experience – Are you curious and possess an open mind? Do you have creativity or none at all? This section can give insight into these areas. 

Agreeableness – Do you conform to social norms and are generally compliant? After this section, your future employer will know.

Other Aspiring Minds Tests

Additionally, Aspiring Minds offers tests for coders, data-science and engineering, salespeople, customer service, and much more.

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