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IBM is an international hardware and software developer and consultancy. It is a highly regarded place of work by job seekers in the UK and worldwide, currently employing thousands of workers across the country. Learn about its selection process and get your chance to practice IBM's IPAT test.
Practice for IBM's IPAT Test

A selection of questions and answers known to appear in IBM's IPAT/IPATO, including score reports. 

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IBM offers a variety of career opportunities to students, graduates and experienced professionals. In the following article we provide information about the expected selection procedures and solutions for practising towards the tests and tasks they involve.

IPAT Test - stage 1

Upon successful completion of your online application, you will be sent a link to take the online IPAT test also known as IPATO test. The IPAT evaluates a variety of number-related skills. It has tight time limits and does not enable tests takers to go back to previous questions. The two main parts of the test are:

  1. Numerical Series – about 20 questions, varied in difficulty.

  2. Quantitative Reasoning – about 20 numerical problems on different subjects. Questions vary greatly in their difficulty, spanning from beginner levels to advanced. Here are some topics popularly included in this section:

  • Work rates
  • Speed-distance-time
  • Ratios
  • Syntax checking- questions involve understanding and checking algorithms for which you are given the rules and commands.

Here is where our aptitude test practice comes in handy - you can practice important IPAT concepts with us, increase your knowledge and familiarity with them. Our test will help you improve your response times in order to deal with the stressful time limits of the IPAT.

First round selection day and IBM assessment centre

Successfully passing the IPAT leads to the second round of the selection process. Here, the process differs between students and graduates:

Graduates will be invited to a First Round Selection Day which includes a group activity, a written test, an interview and a short test to verify their IPAT's results. Students will be invited to the assessment centre without attending a first round selection day.

Graduates will take part in a number of activities that vary depending on the role they applied for.
For students, on the other hand, IBM's assessment day includes group activities, a short aptitude test to cross with your IPAT's results, and a competency based interview. Our psychometric preparation package includes many of the activities and tasks you are likely to encounter during this day.

Successful attendance at the Assessment Centre will lead to a final interview. For those who passed the assessment this is where their position will be determined, alongside other important issues such as salary, etc... Here too, our interview training package can help a lot in defining your competencies and self presentation.

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